Healing Clay Buying Guide

You have probably heard about the healing wonders of healing clays. For those who have not, it is one of the best remedies for acne and a bunch of other skin problems. All that is true, and you must be asking how you could have this seemingly great product to end your skin issues.


Due its popularity and potency, many people are out to make quick money. Therefore, you should be careful of what you are buying for it may not be the genuine healing clay. To save you the blushes, here is a comprehensive indian healing clay buying guide:

Take Time & Do Your Research

Do not directly spring into action and start buying your clay only because you heard about it from a friend. Instead, take your time and do some online research. Understand what this clay is all about and what benefits you could get. Always keep in mind that gathering information will come handy when you make your purchase decision.

Go Over Online Reviews

sadsadsaThe best way to ensure you are buying the right product is going over customer reviews. Visit sites claiming to be authentic healing clay vendors and assess on what other buyers are saying about their products. Additionally, be keen on the negative reviews for they may give a good reason not to buy from that site. However, if what you are getting is generally positive feedback, then this could be the place for you.

Ask For Testimonials

Whoever claims to be the best source for the clay should be able to give you several past customers. From them (customers) you will be able to get inside information about your would-be dealer and their clay. If you get positive testimonials, then this is the place and time to make your purchase. If most of what you get from past customers is a negative vibe, you better move on and search for another option.

Seek For References

Family, friends, and neighbors could be your best chance to buying genuine healing clays. Thus, ask them if they have ever used the product. If yes, make inquiries from where they bought it.

Asking Price

Price should be one of the guiding principles as you make your purchase. From your research, you already know the average amount you should pay for the clay. Therefore, anyone charging way above the average is not your best source. Continue with your search until you get a competitive price. Whatever you pay should be equal or more of the value you will be getting back.…

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