How To Keep depression At Bay

It is human nature to crave nothing but the finest things in life. No one loves to be depressed and all the harmful effects it has on our bodies. Due to the unavoidable circumstances, we go through; we find ourselves drawn to the negative side of everything. We neglect and abandon all the beautiful memories we have and fall prey to the bitter ones. This is the perfect recipe for depression at the snap of a finger.

Studies show that a whopping eighty percent of the world’s population is suffering from depression but are unaware. The end is tragic, and the next thing we know is that most people decide to end it all. A terrible loss for their families and friends as nothing much can be done afterward. One of the best treatments and preventive measures is opening up.

Causes of depression


The causes of depression are more than we think and the worst part is that we are not even aware of some of them.┬áSome of them are work-related while others are social. Things don’t go as well as we expect them to go, but we choose the wrong approach on how to go about our disappointments and failures. We tend to keep them all bottled up with the hope that we’ll be successful in solving our issues on our own.


Some medications that we take have the depression effect on us. Some of them are prescribed to us for medical reasons while others are taken without the doctor’s consent. The ingredients in these medications react differently with our bodies and depression takes its toll on us.

Loss of a loved one

The death of a loved one is another common cause of depression. The more we think of the sad fact of never seeing them again plunges us deeper into the horrible pits of depression. Depression from this episode varies from person to person. Others will be depressed for a few weeks while others will succumb to depression for the better part of their lives.

Ways to keep depression at bay

Healthy diet

Depression can be avoided and prevented by having healthy diets, working out and going out with friends to have fun. Spending too much time alone will lead to depression but keeping the right company will avoid it at all costs.

Having a healthy snack is one way to keep the peace intact in your mind. This will send positive messages to your brain which will, in turn, send happy vibes to the rest of your body.

Positive mindset

Keeping a positive mindset is the beginning of all good things. Depression is a state of the mind that is not settled for some reason. A consistently troubled mind is enough to send one to a permanent state of depression. Relaxing and taking a vacation every once in a while is advisable. This helps escape all the possible loopholes of depression and avoid a cluttered mind.


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