We have all heard it said that mom knows best since we were children. We had never gone wrong when we listened to anything she said. This is particularly true when it came to our diet. A dish from mom would always make all the difference especially when we fell sick. She knew exactly what would make us better.

Now that we are all grown up, it’s time to recount those priceless pieces of advice that she gave pertaining a healthy diet. With our busy schedules, we even have no time to study what’s on our plates and evaluate how healthy or unhealthy it is. We shall take it a notch higher and study the best foods for a healthy diet. Whether you are a student in college or a working mom, we all need to inculcate a healthy diet into the mix and see what happens next.

Best foods for a healthy diet


In the modern age we live, it is hard to come across people who are concerned about their health. One way of doing this is by focusing on a healthy diet. They range from animal products to farm produce and we are at liberty to decide what we feel like eating.


For starters, we can begin focusing our attention on proteins. Most of the features and parts of our bodies are built by the intake of protein in the diet. For instance, the hair, nails and many other rely heavily on proteins for them to function and develop as accurately as they should. Examples of such foods rich in protein include milk, fish, lentils, and peas. However, it matters a great deal how they are prepared. This is because the protein levels need to be preserved for their functions and purpose in our bodies.


Vitamins are another group of healthy diet sources that we can’t afford to do without. They are responsible for the repair of worn out tissues and strengthening of our bodies. Sources are fresh fruits and vegetables. They need to be present in every meal or snack we have at any time of the day. For example, when caring for a sick person who is recuperating, nutritionists advise on the importance of including fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. You will be amazed at how fast they will regain their strength and get back to routine.

Benefits of having a healthy diet

Healthy eating is of utmost importance especially in regards to your line of duty. So long as we are all alive and active for the better part of the day, we need a healthy diet.

Fight off and prevent diseases

When you eat healthily, your chances of falling ill are reduced by a considerable margin. It also reflects on your outward appearance, and your skin begins to glow irresistibly.


A healthy diet is far more affordable than junk food. It spares your pocket the trouble of remaining empty even at your most vulnerable moments.


What’s more, a healthy diet is everything you need, wrapped into one enormous and neat package. Everything you need is included therein, and you have nothing more to worry about.

Easy to prepare

A healthy meal is easy to prepare depending on how you prefer to have it. The methods range from boiling to steaming, and you are spoiled for choices.