Spin bikes are not similar to the commonly known exercise bikes. They vary because of the position of the handle bar, pedaling and seating are completely different from the normal ones. They are also designed with outstanding features like the foot straps that prevent injuries when exercising. The use of exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse  is among the greatest ways of getting a required cardio work out. Nowadays they have become very popular than other exercise bikes because they are more comfortable and effective while exercising. However much they are the best exercising bikes in the market, you need to buy the best spin bike. Continue reading to know how to choose the best spin bikes in the market.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is a very important factor to consider when buying a new spin bike. These bikes have different capabilities in term of weight holding. Most spin bikes can hold an average of 280lbs though others can hold even more than that. Therefore, you should consider the maximum weight it can support to get the best out of it.

Customization feature

These are features that make spin bikes the most enjoyable tool to use for exercising. The customized features are those that can help in adjusting the handlebars, the height, sitting positions, and many more elements. You can achieve your goals easily because it offers you a very comfortable workout. Another important thing that you should look for is a water bottle holder.

When you are running or doing some work, your throat dries up, and you moisturize it by drinking some water. Exercising using a spin has no difference with other activities. Therefore, you get thirsty to the point that you need to sip some water but getting off the bike reduces your momentum. A good bike should have a water bottle handle so that you take water whenever you feel thirsty.

Digital Monitor

Most regular exercise bikes contain an LCD monitor. However, not all brands of spin bikes are designed with digital monitors as a standard feature. Therefore, whenever you need one, you should consider when buying a new spin bike that comes with one.

Warranty and return policy

Most models come with a warranty of only one year. You should consider one that has a long warranty period but again check properly on what is covered especially for the big and sophisticated bikes. Check if the cover the shipping expenses and if you can return when the bike has a malfunctioning. You should know their outlets so that when you realize defaults, you can return and get another one.


A flywheel is used to provide a balanced and smooth ride. The heavier the flywheel, the more you gain the balance. Most flywheels weigh 40lb which is the average weight that a spin bike should have. They are chromed strongly to ensure a longer lifespan. A heavy flywheel helps to increase momentum. A quality spin bike should be designed in a way that it can control the resistance of its flywheel. This is important because you will be able to strengthen even your leg muscle. Check if it has a tension knob for adjusting resistance.